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X 1999 Winamp Skins

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yes kamui, we dont want you

by: dora
features: Shirou Kamui

We have SO MANY skins of Kamuui. You'd think he was the star or something. And he's always looking beat up or angsty. But only dora has the skills necessary to combine those two looks.

purple and karen seem to go together

Like a Prayer
by: Bird
features: Karen Kasumi

This picture is so SHINY! I've seen the original and there had to be lots and lots of image editting going on. The left side gets a bit boring, but it's soooo shiny I can ignore that. I just love those shiny, shiny buttons. *paws the screen*

karen against a window

Mirror, Mirror
by: Ansatsusha
features: Karen Kasumi

Karen's in her underwear, gaspshock. I really wish I could think of something more constructive to say, but everytime I look at this skin I draw a blank. I like it, the gold buttons are very pretty. The buttons kind of don't match on the playlist editor.

karen in front of cross

Morning Grace
by: firefly
features: Karen Kasumi

I'm not terribly fond of Karen, in my mind she's that crazy ho girl, but Tsua asked if I'd skin this picture and I did. It turned out a LOT better than I was expecting. I think she might have editted it a little before she gave it to me, so thank you Tsua!

kamui is bloody

After the Fall
by: dora
features: Shirou Kamui

I like messed up pictures. I like lots of blood. I like the drippy equalizer bars. I wish Kamui would DIE! (I'm not bitter, I swear.)


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