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X 1999 Winamp Skins

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kamui in paradise

by: Bird
features: Shirou Kamui

Yarrr, I love the background. I could eat him, he looks so pretty and shiny and golden. I love the buttons and the color scheme too. *eats Kamui*

abused subaru

Give Me Pain
by: Bird
features: Sumeragi Subaru

Mmm, pretty shinies. Mmm, pretty Subaru. I love this skin. I love the purple too. I wish I had these kind of skills.

who's hand is that?

by: firefly
features: Shirou Kamui

As much as I find Kamui annoying, this picture was too nice NOT to skin. I know who's hand I like to pretend that is that Kamui's licking. Who's hand do you like to pretend it is?

a whrilpool of kamui

Dir en Red
by: dora

It's the whirlpool of swirling Kamui. He's sucking us in. He's saying "I'm an annoying jerk, but if I swirl, you will like me". And that's how it was.

by: Chibi Alex
features: Monou Kotori

This skin was given to me by my friend Chibi Alex. It's her very first skin. ^_^ I think it's pretty good for a first skin.


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