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Kaitou St. Tail Winamp Skins

Also by Tachikawa Megumi: Dream Saga

pink 0_0

Punk Pink
by: firefly
features: St. Tail

I found this picture as a cell and then I had to skin it. It turned out... pink. Thanks to dora for suggesting the title. She glows with the light of the plastic wrap filter.

meimi and ruby together

Starry Night
by: firefly
features: St. Tail & Ruby

I still love this skin, despite it's ancient-ness. I don't know why. I think it's all the stars and the color scheme. ^.^ I really ought to remake this one with PS sometime.

stars from a hat

It's Showtime
by: firefly
features: St. Tail

This was my first St. Tail skin actually featuring the thief herself. I love that manga and I love Tachikaw Megumi's artwork. It's just adorable.

ruby, the hedgehog of anime

St. Ruby
by: firefly
features: Ruby

How cool is an manga hedgehog? NOTHING is cooler. I love hedgies. I had a pet hedgie, but I didn't name her Ruby.


Also by Tachikawa Megumi: Dream Saga