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Specialty Winamp Skins

pip looks confused

Fool of a Took
by: dora
features: Peregrin Took (Lord of the Rings)

dora loves Pippin, so she made a skin of him. Have I mentioned that Pip and Merry are really cute when they're not dressed up as hobbits? Yeah, I'd like to see a skin of that.


by: dora
features: Hydro

This is a gift skin for someone or other. dora, help me out here. ^_^;;

boy meets boy fan skin

by: firefly
features: Harley (Boy Meets Boy)

I used to be quite the devoted read of bmb. Harley is my favorite! I like the girly ones. ^.^


Who Loves Ya, Baby?
by: Dini
features: Black Mage (8-bit Theater)

Okay, so I don't read 8-bit Theater. And sometime when I'm less lazy I'll put up a link. But it's Black Mage and Dini likes 'im.

a stuffed llama

by: Dini
features: Llama-chan

This skin is entirely for the enjoyment of one of my gracious hosts, Perry. I don't really know if anyone else will want to download it. It's her stuffed llama (because Perry loves llamas)!