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Shounen Ou Winamp Skins


Lady Godiva
by: dora
features: A-ko

Harr. I still haven't seen this anime. It looks like one of those typical panties-shot poses tho, but there's no panties! (Thank you, shorts!) I affectionately refer to this "series" as te RGB series, due to the background of each of the characters. I think this is my favorite of the three.


Take a Bullet
by: dora
features: Ryuugen

It's green! It's red! (Or is that pink?) Anyway, it's a color harmony!!! Go Ryuugen go!


Become a Stranger
by: dora
features: Mikoto

I REALLY don't like how the volume is right in the middle of his face most of the time. That just irks me on any skin. But the volume is one of the most used buttons on the skin (at least in my world), so it's functional. (I'm kinda of a form over function girl, I guess.)