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Serial Experiments Lain Winamp Skins

lain plays guitar

What is "Wired"?
by: firefly
features: Iwakura Lain

I love Abe's artwork. And it's about here that I realized I have serious thing for Lain and the color purple. o_o I have no idea why, but every Lain skin I've done so far has been purple themed. I think this picture is from one of the OSTs, all of which are excellent.

come to me

Make me Allright?
by: firefly
features: Iwakura Lain

I really like that pink dress Lain is wearing. Maybe that's why I skinned this picture. I don't know. Or maybe I just think Lain should be eternally PURPLE.

those creepy guys on a bus

We Are All Connected
by: Chibi Alex
features: Iwakura Lain

I really love the colors Alex picked out for this skin. The red just stands out so much and really draws out the bits of red in the image.

lains floating head

by: firefly
features: Iwakura Lain

I don't like equalizers on the top like this, but this picture seemed to call for it. I was still learning how to use PS at the time and I think I discovered the wonders of color dodge and color burn on this skin. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry.) Lain is such a wierd series, but I love it.