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Saishuuheiki Kanoujo Winamp Skins

chise at the park

Love Ballad
by: firefly
features: Chise

I had a great debate on which side of the image to use, the side with or without her wings. I'm kinda of glad I chose this side because it turned out so soft and pretty looking. And look, I'm working on not making such boring playlist editors all the time, be proud of me. Saikano is such a grand series. I love Chise and want one of my very own.

i love chise

are you an angel?
by: firefly
features: Chise

This skin kinda of looks and feels thrown together. It's a pity because the original picture I used for the skin is one of my favorites color images from the manga. Furthermore, I like the background I generated with the earth and everything. But it just didn't come together well at all.