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Original Artwork Winamp Skins

These are winamp skins based on characters from SAINT comics, which happens to be a small indie comic book company to which firefly belongs.

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a painting by meg

Me and my Shadow
by: dora
features: Cameron and Shadow (Angel Hunter)

It's a watercolor Meg did in skn format. Meg is the head artist for SAINT so she gets a lot of skins. ^_^ dora says the background looks like stars.

old artwork from meg

Closest to Heaven
by: firefly
features: Cam and Mark (AngelHunter)

We can call this page "Meg's REALLY old CGs page". Because all the skins on this page are all really old CGs. They still have some charm to them though. Mark and Cam look so cute cuddling.


Pure Reflection
by: firefly
features: Cameron Bennett (AngelHunter)

Cam is the main character in AngelHunter, the blond-haired Angel Hunter from the title. He has lots of angst and a mysterious past, although this picture wouldn't lead you to believe so.

more old artwork from meg

Dear, My Angel
by: firefly
features: Marcus Caine (AngelHunter)

Despite this pictures age, I still like it. Mark is such a cutie! He's a demon with the wing of a demon and Cam's love interest. Yes, AngelHunter has yaoi in it. (What would you expect with me writing?)

by: firefly
features: Lucas Hathaway (AngelHunter/Journeys Down)

This is my first skin ever attempted with company artwork. It's so old but I LOVE Lucas. He's the most popular character from the series so far, I think. Doesn't hurt that he was in my online comic too. ^_^;;


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