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SAINT comics Winamp Skins

These are winamp skins based on characters from SAINT comics, which happens to be a small indie comic book company to which firefly belongs.

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Spider's Wings
by: firefly
features: Maguro (Halo)

Wow, this screen cap REALLY sucks! I did this as a gift for my sweet sweetie who is a member of saint. I haven't skinned any of her art lately and I just love this picture. Besides, it's too nekkid boys. Reminds me of those old sepia-toned photographs to a degree.

hot hot maguro

by: firefly
features: Maguro (Halo)

Happy welcome to one of our new members, the uber-talented Neggme. I originally did this as a request for her, before she was in the company. But now that she's a member, her skin gets moved to this page. And who could resist a skin of hot, hot Maguro?

carter is an angel ha ha ha

and touch faith
by: firefly
features: Benjamin Carter (AngelHunter/Journeys Down)

Let me start of this page by saying that all the artwork from here on down is at LEAST two years old. I still like this particular picture, however. Carter looks so vulnerable and angelic. This is right after I got the eye candy filters, so I went a wee bit crazy with them.

cute and chibi cadence

Angel Dust
by: firefly
features: Cadence (AngelHunter)

This was a surprise gift for Meg. It's one of my favorite picture for Cadence, and it currently spends most of it's time hanging on my wall. (The picture not the skin.)

ewww this one is drawn by me

On the Outside
by: firefly
features: Lian Kannel (the god project)

This picture is so old, and I'm ashamed to admit that I drew it. Just ignore this skin please....


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