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Mahou no Kishi Rayearth Winamp Skins

who are we?

by: firefly
features: ????

Yum, white-haired boy. Okay, even if I don't like Rayearth that much, I can't help but skin pretty CLAMP boys with white-hair.

Side Note: I've had one person tell me that it's Eagle Vision and Geo Metro, not Lantis and Eagle Vision. *lol* I'm not really into Rayearth and I don't know. ~_~;;

Dolphins' Cry
by: firefly
features: Hikaru

I love dolphins. I'm not particularly fond of MKR tho. I've never made it past the first season and I've heard tell that the other MKR storylines are better. This isn't particularly bad for one of my old PC Paintbrush skins.