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Kyuuketsuki Miyu Winamp Skins

look at those fingernails

Violent Red
by: Lieko
features: Larva

The title comes from one of the tracks off the original OAV Miyu OST. It's a crazy 80's English song. dora likes it tho. It makes me go "80's!!!" I like Larva a lot better in the original series when he didn't talk.

red and black

by: firefly
features: Miyu

Originally, I think I was going to use gold for the buttons. But then it sucked, so I didn't, I used red. I think this is one of those images that if you find a Miyu skin, it's going to be this picture. And they're all better than this version.

larva is my dream man

Larva Red
by: Perry
features: Larva

This is Perry's first (and I think only) skin on the site. It's not too terribly terrible all things considered.