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Miscellaneous Anime Winamp Skins

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i'm nekkie

by: Chibi Alex
features: ??? (Brain Power'd)

Aaw... This one is pretty for her third skin. I have no clue what this anime is about, but this is a really nice picture. ^_^

they're angels

Angel Song
by: firefly
features: Yuu & Creamy Mami (Creamy Mami)

This is a skin from the magical girl classic Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami. Yuu and Mami look so pretty together. I'm surprised how many Creamy Mami skins can be found on the internet. I guess that just means it's a classic everyone should check out.


Haunted Past
by: Dini
features: Elly (Xenogears)

I finally got myself a copy of Xenogears, but I've yet to finish it. It's a rather dark game, and this skin attempts to capture the darker side of it.

Low-Fat Variety -- Without the equalizer bars

sakura on purple

by: Ansatsusha
features: Sakura (Seraphim Call)

I don't know. It's another one of those series and whatnot that I haven't seen. I really like the background for this one.

shiki is on top

Seven by Seven
by: firefly
features: Shiki and Nanuka (49D)

The picture comes from a random yaoi manga that I bought from a used bookstore. Then the artwork actually turned out to be good! The storyline has something to do with robots, and I'd probably have better luck understanding it if it came with furigana.

Allen and Marlene
by: Ansatsusha
features: Allen and Marlene (Escaflowne)

This skin accidentally went MIA when I re-organized the pages. But now it's back in all of it's glory! It's Tsua-chan's firstestest skin.


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