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Miscellaneous Winamp Skins

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Cute, But Deadly
by: Dini
features: Judy Shakbari Hagstrom (War of Genesis III)

Waaaah, she's cute. I want to bundle her. I have no idea what War of Genesis is about. o_o

sleep tight vashie

"Dear, My Angel"
by: Ansatsusha
features: Vash the Stampede (Trigun)

Vash looks so cute here. He even has little angel wings if you look right. I always wanted me a red coat like Vash's coat.

garrr yugi

Yugi and Jounouchi
by: dora
features: Yugi and Jounouchi (Yu-Gi-O)

I haven't seen the original of this anime. And the dub, quite frankly, makes me grit my teeth and want to scream. However, this skin is colorful and I love colorful skins. XD And dora did it long, long before the dub ever came to North Amercia.


Blue Sky Romeo
by: Chibi Alex
features: ??? (Marmalade Boy)

This skin isn't too functional, but it's cute! I want to check out Marmalade Boy because I find the art irresistable. I just need money! AAAH!

i want me some hair like that

Lost Soul
by: Dini
features: Tiara (Shamanic Princess)

I saw the first half of Shamanic Princess once... and then I forgot what it was about. I really like the artwork for the show. This is a very red skin, and kind of suffers from a very boring background. However, the buttons and everything else about it is rather nice.


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