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Miscellaneous Anime Winamp Skins

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Age without Angels
by: firefly
features: Chii (from Chobits)

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Chobits aside from the artwork. But I do think Chii is adorably cute and I wish I had one of my very own! I'm kind of iffy on how the skin turned out, but I don't hate it. Oh well, can't win them all.

random pretty CLAMP girl

by: firefly
features: random CLAMP girl

I don't think this is a specific person from a CLAMP manga, but she's pretty. She's in the North Side artbook, which also has a collection of all the color Clover pictures. *heart* I love that book. Sadly, this skin doesn't give this beautiful picture justice.

i want spike!

by: firefly
features: Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

I want a Spike. Wait, that's supposed to look like a "Wanted" poster. It should say "Dead or Alive" at the bottom. I'm not sure how much like a wanted poster it looks though. Oh well, it's Spike and that's good enough for me.

luka has a big sword

by: firefly
features: Luka/Luke (Eternal Eyes)

The game is awful, but the character designs are really nifty! Apparently, the chick who did them is famous, but I can't remember her name. ~_~;; I think Luka/Luke is super sexeh, but we all know I like guys with white/gray-hair. One might say obsessed. XD

yukino can float

Paper Angel
by: firefly
features: Miyazawa Yukino (Kareshi Kanoujo no Jijou)

Yukino can be such a spaz that I love. Pity I haven't seen more of this show. I really love the character designs that Gainax came up with. ^.^ That manga artwork is so pretty too. It's hard to decide which I like more. o_o

yellow and purple is a color harmony

Moon Fighter
by: dora
features: Renamon (Digimon)

Dora likes Renamon. A lot. Did we mention she cosplayed Renamon? Anyway, she also did a skin!


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