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Other Kaori Yuki Works

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he likes sheep... but not in a wrong way

The Good Shepherd
by: Lieko
features: Kaine [I think] (Count Kaine)

This is another popular image for skinning. I kind of like this version tho, because my Imouto did it. And it has such religious references in it, that's why we love Kaori Yuki.

i hatch from eggs

Angel's Egg
by: Lieko
features: Cain (Cain)

Kaori Yuki has a thing for guys named Cain. o_O I think it's safe to say that Kaori Yuki-sensei is my sister's favorite artist. Who can blame her? She has such a unique detailed art style. And all her guys look uber-sexeh.

are daisies red?

by: Lieko
features: ??? (Gravel Kingdom)

This skin kinda suffers from boring left-side syndrome. o_o Oh no!! It's one of Imouto's early skins, so we forgive her.


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