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Gundam Series Winamp Skins


Glass Walls Shatter...
by: Ansatsusha
features: a gundam of somesort

Given how popular this show is, it's really a pity that I don't like it. Perhaps the dub ruined it for me, because that was my first exposure to it. Quatre and his over-dramatic voice acting. *shudder* Luckily for you, our other artists do like the show and have provided us with some very nice Gundam skins. Like this one. I really love that glass texture in the background. Anyone have any clues what Gundam model this is?

yum yum yaoi

Depend on You
by: dora
features: Heero & Duo

I'm not really sure why yaoi from this show is so popular. This is from some doujinshi I don't know the title of. I like the purple color, it's so symbolic. XD

floating heads of gundam

Risky Gamble
by: dora
features: Trowa & Heero

Heero, why must you be in so much yaoi dj? I don't know. Now he's getting it on with Trowa and Duo is crying. I'm not quite as fond of the colors in this one, but I do like the shiny lines.