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Fruits Basket Winamp Skins

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kyoh in yellow

Spirit of Cat
by: firefly
features: Souma Kyoh

Aaah, Kyoh, everyone's favorite cat-boy. I really don't like this skin. I hate the background and I couldn't figure out a decent color scheme for it. So orange it became and it doesn't look good. *sigh*


yuki doesnt like all the kyoh on this page

Yuki ga Futteiru
by: firefly
features: Souma Yuki

Yuki will always be the Prince in my heart. I got into Fruits Basket all because I saw him on the cover of the second volume of manga. He was so precious, I bought the manga. And then the storyline turned out to be surprisingly good. Takaya Natsuki has such a nice drawing style too.

volume tohru compilation

by: firefly
features: Honda Tohru

It's soooo pink. The color picture comes from the cover of the first volume of manga and the b&w picture comes from the "arigatou na kimochi" picture at the back. I love Tohru, she's so clueless but she's so sweet. I think this was the first furuba skin on the 'net.

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