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Fruits Basket Winamp Skins

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When the Snow Melts
by: firefly
features: Souma Kureno

Next in what I'm beginning to call the Juunishi Series (depsite the fact that Kyoh is in it and Tohru will be someday). Souma Kureno, who does not appear in the anime.


The Dog Star
by: firefly
features: Souma Shigure

I just realized, as I was making this skin, that the 2003 postcard calendar goes in order of the Chinese zodiac. Which makes sense, I'd just never noticed it before. So I guess I'm doing the zodiac in reverse order? Except with the cat and the onigiri in it. ^^ As for this skin, it's okay, but the left side gets kind of boring. I tried to make it more interesting, but then it got too busy looking. o_o Shigure is still hot and handsome, oh yeah.



Power of Love
by: firefly
features: Souma Kagura

I don't seem to hate Kagura quite as much as so many people do. o_o Yeah, she beats up Kyoh, but she does it out of love, right? And she has that cute cat backpack. ^.^ I think I went a little overboard with the flower theme here, and the orange buttons are kinda hard to see against the pink. But otherwise, I kinda like it. It's nice and soft and nicely matches the CG style of Takaya-sensei.

kyoh on blue

Chiisana Inori
by: firefly
features: Souma Kyoh

This summer, I got the Fruits Basket postcard calendar. Kyoh is January (of next year) and I couldn't help but skin him. Takaya-sensei has gotten so good at CG-ing. The numbers are starting to get to close to his eyes, but I didn't notice that until I'd have to redo the WHOLE skin to fix it and I got lazy.

pink tohru o_o

Shiawase means Happy
by: firefly
features: Honda Tohru, Kyoh-neko & Yuki-nezumi

This skin was made in celebration of the new page layout. It's such a cute picture, and it has baka-neko and kuso-nezumi in it. ^_^ It's a very pink skin, but I find magenta pink more annoying than this particular shade of pink.

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