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Final Fantasy Winamp Skins

drool its cloud from kh

Kingdom Cloud
by: firefly
features: Cloud Strife

I really, really like the character design for Cloud in Kingdom Hearts. And yes, I'm one of those wierd people who actually liked Cloud in FFVII. But he looked so skinnable from KH that I simply had to make this skin. It called to me! And all that blue, my favorite color! I'm kind of sad his big ass sword got cut of the skin. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

the eye is following me

Eye in the Sky
by: Dini
features: Kujah

The weakness of this skin lies in the fact that if you only have the main open, it doesn't look complete. If you have the equalizer on, it looks just find though. I've yet to play FFIX, a fact that I find very saddening.

be still my heart its vincent

Demon Nightmare
by: firefly
features: Vincent Valentine

Mmm, Vincent. From some doujinshi cover that I don't remember the name of. You can kind of see Cloud's hand there, at the top. I think it's wierd that Cloud is on top, anyone else? o_O;; FFVII has such pretty doujinshi for it.