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Shinseiki Evangelion Winamp Skins

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rei at the window

Feel Your Heart
by: firefly
features: Ayanami Rei

This is another one of those skins that needs to be redone a bit, because I couldn't see all the variations in the black on my old monitor. Yarr, I think this is a screencap from the opening, but a nice quality one. I always want to poke Rei in the eye, because she has those red eyes. The name of the skin comes from one of the openings to "Detective Conan".

ick take it away its ugleh

...and thus invited...
by: firefly
features: Katsuragi Misato

This, boys and girls, is exactly why we do not try to skin pictures that look this washed out. I -hate- it. I only had PC Paintbrush at the time, so I couldn't even mess with the color levels at the time. I think we scanned this out of a deck of playing cards. Misato looks like she wants someone to rescue her or kiss her, doesn't she?

eva eat shinji

Become Your Destiny
by: Lieko
features: Ikari Shinji

Shinji and an actualy Eva! I personally think it gets a little abstract looking when you close the equalizer, but it's not bad. I love the purples and blues in this skin too. I love Shinji so much (yes, I'm one of those wierdos who actually likes Shinji ^.^;; ).

Fallen Angel
by: firefly
features: Nagisa Kaworu

My third skin of all time. *lol* After this one, I lose track of what order I did them in. There are so many little mistakes with this skin. Someday, I'll get off my ass and do a new version of it, because there are just not enough skins of Kaworu on the internet. He's only in one episode, but he has such an impact. And he has gray hair, so he gets my eternal devotion.


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