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Shinseiki Evangelion Winamp Skins

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asuka strikes! my winamp player

Asuka Strikes!
by: firefly
features: Sohryu Asuka Langley

I did this particular skin in celebration of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's artbook "der mod". I love his artwork so much, he has so much talent I want to steal it all. I love this picture of Asuka too. I think my goal with this was to repeat Yoshiyuki-sensei's coloring style with the buttons. With that, I was only moderately successful. However, I don't hate this one as much as my other Asuka skin, so I think I'm okay.

nekkid rei

Forbidden Gene
by: firefly
features: Ayanami Rei

I like this skin, but it really needs a remake. I had an older montior back then and it was hard to see darker colors. Hence, there are two shades of black in the skin. *sigh* Anyway, Rei is nekkid, but you can't actually see anything, so that makes it not so bad, right? Right?

rei is cross-eyed

by: firefly
features: Ayanami Rei

This is the first skin I ever had to crop out the background and completely make a new one. I've gotten a lot better now, but it still brings back fond memories. To best view the visualization, put it on thick bands, normal style.

my name is asuka

Feeling of Freedom
by: firefly
features: Sohryu Asuka Langley

My first skin of Asuka! I hate it! It's a nice picture (off of one of the OST covers, if I remember properly) but ugh! The skin is so awful. *sob* I hate those big blue blobs under the buttons. I think I did this as a request for one of my friends whose favorite Eva character was Asuka and she was sad I didn't have any skins of her yet. And I flat out refused to do her other skin request of something from Buffy, so I felt the least I could do was skin Asuka.

shinji needs a hug

God's in his Heaven
by: firefly
features: Ikari Shinji

I wanted to do a skin of Shinji for so long. But it's actually fairly hard to find good pictures of him, at least harder than it is to find pictures of the girls. It's an odd picture to skin, and I'm not quite sure why it doesn't bug me that the visualization is right over his head, but it doesn't. Someday, Shinji will have a better skin...


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