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[2] Angelic Layer
[15] Cardcaptor Sakura
[4] Clover
[2] Devil & Devil
[3] DNAngel
[3] Dream Saga
[9] Evangelion
[3] Final Fantasy
[8] Fruits Basket
[2] Fushigi Yuugi
[3] Gundam
[2] Kenshin
[4] Lain
[3] Miyu
[2] Rayearth
[2] RG Veda
[2] Saikano
[6] Sailormoon
[3] Shounen Ou
[2] Slayers
[4] St. Tail
[3] Studio Ghibli
[12] Tenshi Kinryouku
[2] Tokyo Babylon
[3] Utena
[13] X 1999
[3] Yakumo Tatsu
[22] Misc Anime

[2] Cybersix
[2] Jpop & Jrock
[10] SAINT comics
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E-mail Policies

Please read the following before e-mailing either dora or myself. I get a lot of the same e-mails regarding this site and reading some of these might save you the time of e-mailing me when you aren't going to get a reply.

There's a broken link!
This is answered on the main page, but here goes... E-mail firefly (me) and tell me the name of the skin that won't download, or the broken link

You have someone's name wrong and it's my favorite anime!!! Are you dumb or something?
I just maintain this page and I don't watch or care for all the anime/manga/games represented here. In some cases, I may have gotten bad info. If I've called someone by the wrong name please e-mail me, but for heaven's sake, be polite about it. I maintain this page out of love and I'm really not stupid, so don't treat me like it. (You will not believe the number of snotty name correction e-mails I've gotten.)

Can I have the picture you used for -insert skin name here-?
No. I'm sorry, but my connection is horrid and I have a cheap e-mail account and I just don't have the time to e-mail pictures to people.

If I send you a picture, will you skin it for me? (Or: Will you skin a picture I drew? and etc.)
I only do requests for my friends, sorry.

Can I post -insert skin name here- on my page?
The answer varies from artist to artist. Please e-mail the artist of the skin before posting it on your page. I can't do much for you if they turn you down.

I saw your skin on somebody's page! What should I do?
I don't typically give out permission to host my skin on other pages, so if you do see my skin on a different page (that isn't run by me) PLEASE inform me. Thank you!

Picture skins are evil and I think you should burn in hell!
Ummm.... Seriously, just leave the site if you don't like it.

I e-mailed you a while ago, and I read this whole thing, but I still haven't gotten a reply!
Chances are, you didn't make the title indicative of why you e-mailed me. I get a lot of junk mail and if I can't tell your e-mail apart from the junk mail by the title, I won't read it. Use titles like "I think Shiawase Anime Skins is really great!" or "I love you and want to give you fanmail" or you know... something like that. Also, I don't check my e-mail everyday, so give me a few days to reply.

If your question or request has already been answered on this page, I'm not going to reply to you. Similiarly, rude e-mails will be ignored or subject to public ridicule on my blog if I'm in a bad mood. Still feeling brave enough to contact us?

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