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Takamagahara: Dream Saga Winamp Skins

Also by Tachikawa Megumi: St. Tail

Dreams Come True
by: firefly
features: Yuuki

I bought this Nakayoshi calendar from '99, I think, all for this picture. @__@ And then I had to take Takaomi out of it so I could skin it. Luckily, the arms, which I practically had to redraw, are behind the eq bars.

takaomi is adorable!

Amethyst Eyes
by: firefly
features: Takaomi

I wish I had more color pictures from this series. That is my one sadness. This is one of the few color pictures of Takaomi, the main male character. I prefer Souta, but I have NO color picture of that lovable (*cough* ) red-head.

yuuki in front of a seal

Heaven's Gate
by: firefly
features: Yuuki

I love Dream Saga SO much. I'm saddened that it's so obscure. Yuuki is the main character and she has the ability to travel between the Nakatsu Kuni (the waking world) and Takamagahara (the dream world). And it's soooo goooood.


Also by Tachikawa Megumi: St. Tail