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Clover Winamp Skins

ran in a cage

Why the Caged Bird Sings
by: firefly
features: Ran

Ran is so very cute. I love his messy hair and his head injury. (Well, he has a head injury in this picture) I like to imagine him having angst. The fourth volume of Clover is worth buying just for all the cute little kid Ran in it.


by: firefly
features: Suu

I still love this picture. Too bad the skin doesn't do it justice. This was my second skin after purchasing PS. I love all the many styles of wings that Suu has in the color pictures.

b&w suu

End Roll
by: firefly
features: Suu

Normally, I don't do black and white skins. But here it is. At the time I did this one, finding picture from Clover that hadn't already been skinned was pretty hard. CLAMP hadn't released an artbook with Clover pictures in it. (But now they have! Yay! *waves around the "south side" artbook* )

suu and kazuhiko

Boys and Girls
by: firefly
features: Kazuhiko & Suu

This picture is so sweet. It's too bad I couldn't get Kazuhiko in there without making the equalizer non-functioning. And all the pretty mechanical birds too! *sigh* I love the artwork for Clover.