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Cardcaptor Sakura Winamp Skins

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Some Things are Worse
by: Lieko
features: Yue

I think everyone skins this image. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's a nice picture. The title actually isn't a comment on the quality of the skin (though, knowing Lieko she might have meant it that way), but it is actually a paraphrase of a line from the anime. Pertaining to a certain someone and that some things are worse than the end of the world...

its shiny!

by: firefly
features: Sakura & Syaolan

I think this picture is from the chapter of the manga where Sakura's class goes to camp and they test their courage. I love Syaolan and his thick eyebrows, it's too bad he doesn't have a skin of his own on this page. I did this as a request for my Imouto, she's not a major SxS 'shipper, but she does think they're cute. I like the image itself, but I hate non-functioning equalizers.

obentou o tabeyou

by: Lieko
features: Tsukishiro Yukito

I really love this skin. Why? Because the gradients on those buttons were done on a pixel by pixel basis and they still look good. Yukito is also my favorite character out of the series and this picture of his is so sweet.

cute yaoi yum

To~ya and Yuki
by: firefly
features: Touya & Yuki

This is possibly one of my least favorite skins I have ever done. Can it just get any suckier? And I'm now going to take my time to rant about how TokyoPop decided it would be great to change Yukito's name to "Yuki". It just doesn't make sense! As if three syllables was really that long? And then it takes away all the cuteness of Touya's nicknam for Yukito. Arrrrrgh, I'm a pirate.


Yasashii Egao
by: firefly
features: Tsukishiro Yukito

My firstest skin ever! Yes, Yukito has inspired me to do winamp skins. I'm going to leave off what I do and don't like about it because it is my first skin. One might wonder why I like Yukito so much. First, I have a thing for girly-boys and second, he has whitish hair. But the major reason is that he is voice acted by the godly Ogata Megumi.


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