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Cardcaptor Sakura Winamp Skins

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rainy days no steppu de

Rainy Days
by: firefly
features: Kinomoto Sakura

This is my very first skin I ever did with Photoshop. I didn't know what I was doing, I didn't know how to use the gradient tool, I didn't know how to use layers and I played around with filters ineffectively. That having been said, I don't really hate the skin, I remember it fondly for it being my first on PS. Sadly, this is one of many skins that I had to cute Kero-chan out of.

mmmm yue

Kakeru Tsuki
by: firefly
features: Yue

I liked this skin at the time I did it, but now that I look at it, I don't. It is better than a lot of my older skins, in all honesty, but that's not saying much. And now, in my inflexible old age, I really hate when people do skins with the equalizer on the top part, because it pisses me off I have to rearrange winamp to suit the skin. Yue deserves so much better than this.

Scene With You
by: firefly
features: Kinomoto Touya

Tomakazu Seki is such a talented voice actor, but I've yet to hear a song with him doing the vocals that I actually like. "Kimi ga Ita Scene", Touya's image song, is my absolute least favorite song off of the vocal collection CD. I had, at one point, intended to do a series with all of the CD insert pictures but I kind of lost interest after this one.

choir girl tomoyo My Only Movie Star
by: firefly
features: Daidouji Tomoyo

The second of my image CD insert picture series. Tomoyo! I hate how the volume thing is righ in the middle of her forehead. Blech. I'll say I didn't know better at the time. "Watashi Dake no Movie Star", Tomoyo's (other) image song, is probably my favorite off of the CD because it's so goofy and retro sounding.

sing it, sakura!

by: firefly
features: Kinomoto Sakura

My first of the series, featuring Sakura. It's got that hideous magenta pink look to it. I also hate where the volume bar is on this one as well. I guess I adhere to that "buttons should not get in the way of the picture" philosophy. I like Sakura's talking voice, but Tange Sakura's singing voice grates on my nerves. "Prism" is cute, but I just can't bring myself to actually like it much.

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