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Cardcaptor Sakura Winamp Skins

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Dragonfly Takeoff (version II)
by: firefly
features: Kinomoto Sakura

Although my enthusiasm for CCSakura has waned greatly by now, I'm still very fond of this skin. Something about the color scheme and how cute Sakura is. I'd been planning to skin this image quite sometime before I actually got around to doing it.

Version II notes: Now with added playlist editor!

pretty shiny buttons and yue

Astral Romance
by: Bird
features: Yue

This skin is gorgeous. Yue, the buttons, everything is shiny and gorgeous. Bird does such beautiful skins that always leave me going "I want to molest that". I think this is my favorite because it's Yue, or maybe because I have a thing for blue. But this is by far my most favorite of her skins.

ow!  it's burning my eyes!

Neon Lights
by: firefly
features: Kinomoto Sakura & Kero

No, this was not inspired by a bad drug trip. Rather, this was the result of my workstudy job, which involved me highlighting papers 4 to 5 hours a day. In green and yellow. And as I was extremely bored, I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be neat if I did a skin in these colors?" So I did and then I posted it so I could annoy everyone with it. Kero actually didn't get cut out of this skin, as he is in so many of my others.

i love those stylized wings

by: firefly
features: Kinomoto Sakura

This is actually a revision of an old skin I did back in my PC Paintbrush days. I flipped the image around, made it smaller, added in a glow around the edges (most amateurishly, I might add). About the only thing I kept was the color scheme. I like this version much better.

tomoyo fangirling over sakura

Lights! Camera!
by: firefly
features: Daidouji Tomoyo

I fell in love with this picture of Tomoyo from the moment I saw it. It captures the absolute essence of Tomoyo in picture format. It makes me happy. Unfortunately, it reminds me of my other Tomoyo skin (below) for absolutely no reason whatsoever. o_o This is fairly early in my Photoshop career and I think it shows.

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