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Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Winamp Skins

cute chibi usagi

Kokoro no Usagi
by: firefly
features: Eternal Sailormoon

It's disgustingly cute! It's from the Infinity artbook! I'm kinda iffy on how it turned out. It doesn't suck, but it doesn't catch my eye as being very good either. I'll say it's mediocre. At least it's not blindingly pink. Yes, there's always that.

sailorsaturn from the LD cover of S

by: firefly
features: Sailorsaturn

This is another skin I absolutely hate. The image quality of the base image wasn't too great and then I had to go and make it even worse. I love Hotaru, she deserves so much better. Sailormoon S actually has a rather nice series of LD covers and this is my favorite of them.

eternal sailormoon

by: Lieko
features: Eternal Sailormoon

The first and so far only skin of Sailormoon on the page. And she's the star of the series!! The later manga artwork is just so pretty and here is an excellent example of that. I love the little flowers on the eq bars, but I'm not too sure I like the shades of blue used.

another LD cover skin

Only You
by: firefly
features: Sailoruranus & Sailorneptune

This is probably the least functional skin I have ever made. More buttons probably would have gotten in the way of the picture. I love Haruka, and someday I want to do a better skin of her.

a very early skin of galaxia

Golden Queen
by: Lieko
features: Galaxia

This is Lieko's first skin. Now, forgiving her of that fact, it's pretty good. Especially considering most Sailormoon skins I've seen have been pretty crappy. I like the black and the gold, it's just so shiny!

a very early skin of hotaru @_@

Little Firefly
by: firefly
features: Hotaru

Hotaru is so by far my favorite Sailormoon character. It's honestly too bad this skin sucks so much. Oh well, it's like.. my second skin or so. So give me a break?