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Angelic Layer Winamp Skins

ohijiro looks cute ^.^

Spring Breeze
by: firefly
features: Oujiro

I did this back in the day, before the anime came out, and Angelic Layer pictures were hard to find and information on the manga even harder. You will forgive me that the readme says his name is Kotaro, right? Sadly, I've not been able to get into the anime, nor do I have the money to purchase the manga. It was too cutesy even for -me- (which is quite the accomplishment, I can tell you). As for my feelings on the skin, I kinda of like the color scheme, although I bitch about how I hate it in the readme. It is my first attempt at a playlist editor since.... forever and it's so boring. But anyway, it's not a bad skin and it's not Hikaru for once.

hikaru in a red breeze

Layer 01
by: Lieko
features: Hikaru

It's not the worst skin EVER, but I think the background is absolutely hideous. In all honesty, the skinning itself isn't bad (especially considering we were using PC Paintbrush at the time) but every time I see it, the background makes me cringe. However, I really like the manga artwork for this series.