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Konnichiwa, minasan! Shiawase means happy.
These are a collection of winamp skins made by my friends and I! Most of them are made in either Photoshop or PaintshopPro, but some of the old ones date all the way back to PCPaintbrush.
If you'd like to archive one of these skins on your own page, please talk to the respective artist of each skin you wish to archive. Don't just post them. And DON'T cross-link! The almighty skin gods will not be happy!!
All of the "thumbnail" images that you will see on the pages have had their size and quality lowered so as to promote a faster loading time. Skins are arranged on each page in chronological order, with newest skins at the top.

firefly's note (11/06): A few of you may have noticed that the server has been problems lately. That's hopefully been fixed, but I've had to re-upload all the files to the server. In other words, if you find any broken links around the site, please inform me nicely.

 Recent Skins:

Spider's Wings

Age without Angels

When the Snow Melts
Dragonfly Takeoff (Version II)



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Disclaimer: These anime are owned by other people who aren't us. In making these skins, we mean them as a tribute to original artists. Don't sue, we don't have any money!!