Seiyuu - Lost Universe

This site was compiled with the resources located at Hitoshi Doi's page, and consists of those series which we have seen and enjoyed. We couldn't keep track of where we found the images for each series/seiyuu. If there is anything which you have personally scanned in, please contact us and we will remove it.

Kaine Blueriver

Hoshi Souichirou

Canal Volfeed

Hayashibara Megumi

Millenium Feria Nocturn

Hiiragi Mifuyu

Rayle Kulturn

Midorikawa Hikaru


Suzuki Masami


Nakata Jouji


Neya Michiko

Kou Ren Ou

Cha Furin

He Who Strews Darkness

Matsumoto Yasunori

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