Seiyuu - Horie Yui

This site was compiled with the resources located at Hitoshi Doi's page, and consists of those series which we have seen and enjoyed. We couldn't keep track of where we found the images for each series/seiyuu. If there is anything which you have personally scanned in, please contact us and we will remove it.

Aa Megami-sama:

Chrono (Movie)

Courtesy of Animanga Services.

Angelic Layer:

Hiromi Fujimori

Fruits Basket:

Honda Tohru

Infinite Ryvius:

Michelle Kei

Juubei-chan II:

Nanohana Jiyuu

Courtesy of Animanga Services.


Tsukimiya Ayu

Love Hina:

Narusegawa Naru

Majutsushi Orphen:


Courtesy of Animanga Services.

Matantei Loki Ragnarok:

Daidouji Mayura


Ayun Freya

Courtesy of Animanga Services.

To Heart:


Cat (ep. 7)

Female Student (ep. 9, 12)

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