Shoujo Kakumei Utena - Perry's FanArt - Gallery One

These images are all done by Perry . All of the characters portrayed here are creations of the original artists. Please feel free to please contact us with any comments or questions that you might have.

Tenjou Utena -- the main character of Saitoh Chiho's Shoujo Kakumei Utena. While nearly all of her artwork is beautiful, this picture really expressed pain and emotion -- features which I generally have trouble drawing.
How could anyone have an Utena page without roses? This one is at least tasteful -- as in the spirit of the manga -- and not spinning.
A wistful Touga. Despite the fact that he is a tremendous playboy, Touga is still VERY pretty -- even more so in his moments where he is simply thoughtful.
Utena sitting crosslegged in her pajamas. Generally, drawing sitting people is a problem for me, but I liked this manga art picture, so I sketched it myself. I think it came out rather well.
Seitokaicho Kiryuu Touga. In his Student Council uniform standing around.
A very cool and self-assured Touga walking by with his hand in his pocket.
I really like this picture. I'm not sure if Utena's trying to pull away from Touga, but I'd like to think that she would be falling against him, seeking comfort from her emotional anguish. ::sighs::
Utena in anguish. This picture speaks with Ma. I really like the implications that come from the simpleness of the drawing.
Utena, having been pushed out of harm's way by Touga. I like the way that the two characters are drawn so that they look like they belong together. Saitoh Chiho is a much better artist than I am.
Shiori and Ruka, quite the vicious little pair. Embracing as lovers while secretly plotting against each other and everyone else.
And an Utena-like girl, probably me, standing with her sword drawn and ready.

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