Perry's Sketch Art - Gallery Four

These images are all done by Perry . All of the characters portrayed here are creations of the original artists. Please feel free to please contact us with any comments or questions that you might have.

Here is artwork of a priestess, with the costume design taken from that of Hinoto from X.
I really liked the way that this picture came out. Titled "Bound" it is a priestess of sorts who has been captured and tied up.
Trying to empart emotion and feeling, this one is of a healer having pushed herself to the limits of her strength, and forced to rely upon a handle to remain standing.
This was the beginning of a warrioress character who was also wearing the costume design for my renaissance fair costume a few years ago.
Another picture of the warrioress. This one I like much better and am rather proud of since it shows her in an actual pose rather than randomly standing.
A random anime bishonen from some series that I have since forgotten. I really like his eyes.
This is one of my favorite pictures. It was inspired by a picture of Olivier from Gestalt, but I really like the way that the hair and eyes came out.
Here's a cool girl who was originally designed for use in a comic strip that never happened.
The same girl, but a side view.
A page of eyes. This was actually pretty fun to practice with, and some of them came out very nicely.

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