Perry's Sketch Art - Gallery Three

These images are all done by Perry . All of the characters portrayed here are creations of the original artists. Please feel free to please contact us with any comments or questions that you might have.

Just an odd picture, though the hair over the shoulder isn't too bad.
This was a character development sketch of myself in a comic that never got started. We were supposed to have anime-like powers and go around doing odd things on campus. The the title of the comic was to be 108 Squared, referring to the amount of floorspace that my roommate and I shared in our dorm.
A random girl with a sword, though I like how the hair came out.
I was trying for a veiled girl, and though it is okay, the headpiece seems a bit odd to me.
Here's a girl with some fairly successful bangs. I usually have trouble with dimensionality, but this came out okay.
Just a normal girl but I was working on the long flowing hair. The flowing part was okay, but her head came out a bit flat.
Random guy picture, the hair is weird.
Here's a sketch that I did based on one of my friends. It's actually pretty accurate.
Nice picture, the hand still looks funny, but you can tell that the girl is relieved
Mmm Sexy! Here's a wet dream guy for you.
Random preppy girl, it could almost be me.
Here's a guy from a page of chibis. He's happy and smiley with a fang.

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