Perry's Role Play Sketch Art - Gallery One

These images are all done by Perry . All of the characters portrayed here are creations of the original artists. Please feel free to please contact us with any comments or questions that you might have.

This is probably one of my favorite sketches, though the proportioning is a bit odd in places. This is a character sketch of Illya Kikaze, a character from one of the few role plays that did actually go anywhere. She is a rather cynical priestess who gets stuck having to protect the world from destruction.
Another picture of Kikaze-san. This one looks kind of like her head got put on backwards, but oh well.
Hans Godiva the Effeminate. . . this is one of my favorite characters, the one who was named because of the phrase "Keep your Hans off me!" If asked for sex his answer is yes.
Another picture of Hans, somewhat windblown and a little weird.
MMmmm sparkley Hans.
Chibi Hans looking all innocent before he goes off to seduce someone.
Chibi Hans looking up the skirt of one of the other characters, Victoria.
Hans seducing another character, Charlotte.
My favorite picture of Hans, that with coyote ears and a tail and wearing bunny slippers. This one was done to go after one of my friends who likes this kind of thing!
Here's another fun picture of Hans taken out of a scene from the story. Here Hans went into the temple to meditate and pray in a room filled with candles. . . with much more fun to follow.
Hans was sooooo cute as a child. . . though I can't imagine what his family must have been like, this picture just seemed like an overly protective and rather pissy older sister to me.
A picture of Aeliria Nirron, a character from an X-men roleplay that never got very far. Arianna was talented with air, and had a very upsetting realization of her talent with a very "moving" open air violin concert.


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