Perry's Photo Art - Gallery Two

These photos are all done by Perry . Please feel free to please contact us with any comments or questions that you might have.

My mother has collected trolls for years, so as a preface to the upcoming pictures, here is a relatively troll-free spot in our house during Christmas time.
HOTOTROLLI!!! What more do I need to say?

HOTOTROLLI!!! This time with Miaka and Trollahome

(snicker, snicker, bad pun, running away now ^_,^)

Naka-chan (I don't think that the full name of Nakago is very deserving at this point) with his beloved and wonderfully fashinable (hack hack) Hongo Yui.


(This came about after Chi-Megami had remarked that her character Arion made Nakago look like the Easter Bunny!!!)

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