Fushigi Yuugi - CG FanArt - Gallery One

These images are all done by their respective artists. All of the characters portrayed here are creations of the original artists. Please feel free to please contact us with any comments or questions that you might have.

This is a collage that Perry put together from a bunch of her favorite pictures of Hotohori. ^_,^

Pariah did this picture of Perry -- with HOTOHORI!!!

Hee hee. This is a way to make Perry VERY VERY Happy


Perry did this picture after Pariah shared her wisdom. The only problem remaining was to work out the fact that she is not a redhead.
Pariah tried to re-do this one for Perry. At least she's not flaming this time
Here's a picture that was meant to end up with a red head in it. Perry made it for Jadeclaw who seems to think that Tamahome is worth the effort.
Here's another picture of Jadeclaw with her Tamahome -- who, she informed Perry, is only worth the effort if he can be successfully trained. . . which we do not doubt her ability to do.
As stated above, Jadeclaw has a great capacity for patience, or if not that, then violence does tend to solve things.
Still at it, although the necessity for lumps seems to have passed. . . or is about to be recalled into use once again

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